The Design

sketch clock 121Will Clock0121obliqueMatthysen is responsible for the design, prototyping, detailing and production of all his clocks. Numerous concept sketches are made for each clock, generally small three-dimensional views, followed by scaled technical drawings enabling him to visualise the whole object. The scaled working drawings are done to resolve every detail. Will does not regard a working drawing as the final stage in design, but as part of an ongoing process which only ends when the piece is completed. Wood as a natural material is incorporated into the overall design, and should also be allowed the freedom of influencing it.

When developing a totally new design, Will constructs a working prototype. This enables him to see the piece in the round, to fine tune the workings of the mechanism, and see how the shadows fall once illuminated by artificial lighting. It is here that he makes any final changes before commencing production.


Several designs have evolved over the past 20 years, including both weight and spring driven clocks. The clocks and cabinets often refer to architectural forms and shapes. Broadly speaking, they can be arranged into three types:

  • Free-form sculptural pieces, can be representational, wall mounted, size varies.
  • Long-case clocks, in wall mounted cabinet, sizes from 1.0m to 1.8m high by 0.4m to 0.6m wide.
  • Mantel clocks, in free standing cabinet, sizes from 1.1m to 0.6m high by 0.4 to 0.5m wide.
All clock movements can be fitted with complications such as strike mechanism and lunar dial.


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"Each completed clock provides the seeds from which the following generation of designs is developed..."


Will’s clocks can either be commissioned directly:

  +61 (0)438 984 415
 Will Matthysen Clocks
       48 Webb Street
       Warrandyte, VIC, 3113, Australia

Or purchased via the following galleries:

Leura Fine Woodwork Gallery
130 The Mall, Leura, NSW 2780

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery
Kings Highway, Bungendore NSW 2621