About Will

AboutWillWill Matthysen is a designer and maker of furniture; he works full-time from his workshop in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia. Since setting up his workshop in 1989, he has produced a range of handcrafted clocks, made largely from wood, but also including other materials such as brass, steel, and glass. He designs and manufactures all the components of the clock movement; including the wheels, pinions, escapement and clock case.

Will has produced over 170 clocks, each one is hand built and unique, and integrates the mechanism and the cabinet into a unified contemporary design. Will's work is now represented in collections throughout Australia and the world. Described as tomorrow’s antiques, his clocks are made to achieve heirloom longevity.

Will’s clocks can either be commissioned directly through the maker, or purchased through the galleries as listed in the Contacts page.

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"Each completed clock provides the seeds from which the following generation of designs is developed..."


Will’s clocks can either be commissioned directly:

  +61 (0)438 984 415
 Will Matthysen Clocks
       48 Webb Street
       Warrandyte, VIC, 3113, Australia

Or purchased via the following galleries:

Leura Fine Woodwork Gallery
130 The Mall, Leura, NSW 2780

Bungendore Wood Works Gallery
Kings Highway, Bungendore NSW 2621